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briquetting machine

"JUMBO 90" Model Briquetting Press

capacity 1500 Kg / Hr ( Grinder Less Technology ) without any binding agent

Pride Service of Successfully 21 Years in briquetting Press manufacturing field

Benefits of "JUMBO 90"(Production Capacity 1500 kg / hr ± 20 %)

  • Raw Materials like Baggasse, ground nut shells, castor seed shells, saw dust, wheat grass, rice husk (paddy husk), Mustered Shells, Jira Straw are not required to be grinded
  • Raw materials Upto 25mm size can be used without Grinding
  • Since these raw materials do not required grinding, there is no need of "SIZEING UP" (Grinding) which helps to save power & labour expenses
  • Two super - 70 briquettes machines will require 110 H.P. of power and will produce 1500 Kg/Hr while one "Jumbo 90 " can produces 1500 Kg/Hr with the power requirements of 91 H.P. only so where raw material availability is high, Jumbo-90 is best because its production rate is high.
  • Operating two super 70 models will require 2 skilled and 7 to 8 unskilled labours while in one "JUMBO 90" model 1 operator & 6 unskilled labours are required.
  • Hence production cost is reduced by 35-40 % and operation efficiency is increased against operating two super 70 models so Jumbo-90 is best suitable where production rate is high & Super-70 is best suitable where production rate is medium.

 Briquetting Press

"Super 70" Model Briquetting Press

Capacity 750kg/hr ±20%, Grinder Less Technology (Without any binding agent)

Pride Service Of Successfully 21 Years in Briquetting Press Manufacturing

Benefits of "SUPER 70"(Production Capacity 750 kg / hr ± 20 %)

  • Radhe Industrial Corporation is engaged in providing model super-70. It is a best briquetting machine that is useful for Medium scale production.
  • Super-70 is the best briquetting machine for the raw material with 10-12 mm size
  • Super 70 is highly efficient and the credit of its high result also goes to our dedicated workforce. It is useful in various industries like food & chemical industry, paper mills and fabric factories. Radhe Industrial Corporation is supremely competitive in biomass briquetting machine manufacturing. Our perseverance, technology and dedication are only few reasons that make us a trustworthy organization across the globe.
  • Super 70 Briquettes Press is specifically designed for the industry where medium volume of raw material is available to produce medium scale production. The machine is technically innovative so it doesn't need constant supervision.


Briquetting Press

"Flash Air Dryer" Model Briquetting Press

Capacity 1200/Kg, (± 20 % Depending On Quality Of Raw Material)


  • We offer our esteemed clients the best Dryer machine amongst all named Flash Air Dryer.
  • It is used for drying of chopped material such as rice straw, wheat straw, bagasse, jute, coir pith and mustard having maximum moisture contents 30-35% (Wet basis).
  • If the raw material content 30-35 % moisture, then dryer can reduce up to 20 % maximum in one cycle, so you will get raw material with only 10-15 % moisture in it.
  • The working capacity of dryer is 1200 kg/hr (± 20 % depends upon the raw material & its density). The description of Flash Air Dryer is as under: